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For Patients


We strive to provide high-quality, non-emergency access to health care to residents of Western Tidewater who meet the eligibility criteria. To determine eligibility, please review the information provided under the "Do I Qualify" tab or click here for this information.

Steps to Becoming a Patient at Western Tidewater Free Clinic:

  • Review eligibility criteria and ensure you have the proper documentation.
  • Appointments for eligibility are not confirmed until ALL required documentation is provided.
  • Income must be provided for all members of your household. This includes anyone listed as a dependent on your tax return or anyone who has claimed you on a tax return.
  • Once you are certain you have all of the documentation, please call 923-1060 ext. 7004 to be pre-screened by the eligibility coordinator.
  • If you have all the correct paperwork, you will be given an appointment for eligibility.
  • After your eligibility appointment is completed, if you are determined to be eligible you will see a Nurse to complete a patient history and be given an appointment to see a Physician or Nurse Practitioner within 2 weeks.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment, it is necessary that you call 24 hours in advance. Clients that miss two appointments without a 24-hour notice may lose their service. If you do not call 24-hours in advance to cancel your appointment, a no-show fee of $10 must be paid before making your next appointment.
  • A $10 dental administration fee is due when a dental appointment is made.
  • Patient donations are welcomed ($5 per visit, $4 per 90-day prescription).
  • You must complete a new eligibility every 12 months to remain an active patient at WTFC.